Sales Trends

I keep track of my weekly sales in the world of microstock. The graph above shows my rolling, 4-week sales. That is, each weekly data point represents the sales over the past 4 weeks. This provides some smoothing effect. I graph overall image sales (dark red line), Shutterstock (blue line), iStock (green line) and everybody else combined (ROW = rest of world -orange line). This is just image sales, no referrals or such. As you can see, over the past 16 weeks (1/3 year), my trend lines look pretty good. Overall sales are up about 50%. SS has been remarkably steady, while IS has been more variable (and not soo good the past couple of weeks). The ROW is still pretty mediocre, but at least on the right side of stable. Still not ready to quit my real job, but I do like the direction, and will be ordering a new lens for my camera today, funded through microstock earnings!

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