Parallel Lines

Nikon D3200;  1/80 sec;   f/5.3;   ISO 100
Edwradsville, IL


Just Another Brick...

Nikon P340;  1/1000 sec;   f/3.5;   ISO 80

Aside:  I usually stay away from politics in my photos, but I couldn't pass on this scene.  This is not intended to be anything more than a refelection on the world around me....


Bike & Boots

Nikon P340;  1/320th Sec,  f/3.5,  ISO=80
Collinsville, IL


Throwback Thursday - 25 Yards Away

Kodak LS443;   1/500th Sec,  f/4.7,   ISO-Not Recorded,  Focal Length=105mm (35mm equivalent)
Angle Lake Park, Seatac, WA, 2004