Back In the Game

Seems I've been too busy lately to upload to the microstock site. Other than sending existing images to StockXpert, I haven't uploaded in 2 months!! I finally sent 4 inages in to my main sites earlier this week. All 4 were accepted at ShutterStock, 123RF and StockXpert. Still waiting on iStock (they're always the slowest to review). So, here's my latest:


Found Photo

One of the disappointing things about microstock is that we seldom know where are images end up, or what they're being used for. But every once in a while we find one. I was recently doing some poking around, using a little program called Tin-Eye, and I discovered one of my images being used as a book cover!

I don't know for sure, but I think the image was bought from iStockPhotos. Possibly from Shutterstock:, the image is available at both places. Here's the original:

- - -


More of StockXpert

Well, I've been on StockXpert a bit over a week, and the sales have started!! Nothing to stunning, but pretty respectable given the size of my portfolio. I still only have 107 images there, but got a bit distracted by my daughter's wedding last weekend. Gotta get back to uploading!!

I created my first lightbox at SX today, with power system images: