Sales Dollar Sources

So where do my microstock sales come from?? In terms of Dollars (the most important thing), since January 2007:

Shutterstock - 54% of total earnings
iStock - 37% of total earnings
Fotolia - 4% of total earnings
Dreamstime - 3% of total earnings
Lucky Oliver - 1% of total earnings
123RF - 0.5% (but they're new)
ImageCatalog - 0.2%
SnapVillage - 0% (still in beta)

So, what does it mean?? Well, it depends, of course.
Clearly, SS and IS are the big winners, at least for me. And while SS has the all-time lead, they're pretty much equal over the past 3-4 months. Most people rank those two at the top. I know some folks who do quite well with FT and DT, but I've had a heck of a time getting images approved at both places, and my numbers reflect that. I've only been with 123RF for 6 weeks or so, they get an incomplete. And SV is still in beta mode, so they don't count at all. LO and IC seem to be the big losers. I don't know anybody that is doing well with IC...

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